Ausfine Foods International Pty Ltd has enjoyed a long and w...

Terry Grigg


We have been dealing with Cedar Meats since they were established experiencing a long and trusted relationship. Their reliable production and delivery of orders is a trade mark of their business. We have exported their sheepmeat cuts to many markets around the world, with their brand well regarded amongst a long established customer base. Their management team including Mr. Dick Merton and the Kairouz family have exceptional industry experience and are amongst the most respected in Australian Meat Industry. We wish them success in the launch of their lamb initiative.
, General Manager | Luttick Australia Pty. Ltd.

Bob Johnston
We, at Robran International have had an ongoing business relationship with Cedar Meats since Robran International was established in June 2000 and for me personally for many years before that through my 28 years involvement in the Export Meat industry. I have personally known the owners and the senior management of Cedar meats for all of those years and have always found them to be a close family team which is evident throughout all levels of the company with their commitment to quality and service. They have always insisted on providing a product of consistently high standard which has given them significant brand recognition in so many world markets. I would have no hesitation recommending this group very highly.
, Director | Robran International Pty Ltd

Ibbco Trading has been dealing with Cedar Meats for over 15 years selling Cedar Meats brand products to over 20 countries around the world. During this time Cedar Meats have established themselves as providers of the highest quality meats, delivered on time, meeting full specifications. We highly recommend Cedar Meats products to our customers worldwide.
, Export Manager | Ibbco Trading

Haywill & the Kairouz family business, Cedar Meats, have a long and successful history spanning over 20 years. Haywill are Australia's leading exporter and marketer of high quality meats and an industry leader in creating long term strategic alliances. Working together we have established a reputation for premium quality with loyal customers including importers, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and restaurants. Cedar meats have always met the demands of customers and worked closely with us to update and maintain specific product specifications and a high standard of quality control. Cedar have established a reputation as a leading producer into the markets we have developed together. With Cedar Meats’ new state of the art integrated slaughter floor and boning room, we are excited about supplying ‘Jimba Premium Lamb’ for worldwide export.
, Director | Haywill Holdings

I am the managing director of Allegro Pty Ltd, Australia's largest exporter of frozen and chilled meat to Middle East markets for the past 40 years.We are also among Australia's leading meat exporters to the markets of South East Asia, Mauritius and North Africa. Our annual turnover exceeds 130 million Australian dollars. Over the past 20 years we have enjoyed an excellent association with the Kairouz family, the owners of Cedar Meats Pty Ltd. The operators of Cedar Meats and Brooklyn Abattoir are first class people of high business principles.We never have a problem with quality or with performance. Allegro Pty Ltd, these days , deal with only a few selected suppliers, those we can trust to deliver the correct product on time.Cedar Meats is definitely within that description- there are quite a few that are not. Joseph Kairouz , the Managing Director is a person of absolute principle.His son Tony , who runs the abattoir is one of the most efficient and knowledgeable people I know in the meat operations business. I can confidently assure anyone that Cedar Meats Pty Ltd and the family behind it have the absolute confidence and backing of Allegro Pty Ltd in every way. Any company entering into business with these people can be assured of diligence and first class dealing.
, Managing Director | Allegro Pty Ltd