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Bob Johnston

So, what is Jimba?

Jimba is truly Australian! Bred and raised on the lush land of our country, Jimba Premium Lamb provides the quality and standard to have you wanting more.

Jimba originates from the native Aboriginal word for sheep. The translation for the word has the literal meaning of cloud and refers to the white mist preceding a shower, to which a flock of sheep bore a strong resemblance. Jimba, also sometimes referred to as Jumbuck, seemed the only thing the Aboriginal imagination could compare these strange, white, fluffy animals to.

Quality Guaranteed

Jimba Premium Lamb prides itself on its commitment to quality, service and value for money. We endeavour to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. Such characteristics form the foundations of our family owned and operated business.

Our continual commitment is to provide products of a consistently high standard. Every effort is made to ensure customer satisfaction in every instance, regardless of where the product is destined.